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Survive the Cafeteria and Have a Healthy College Diet With These 5 Tips

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Living in the dormitories and eating a healthy college diet in the cafeteria can be a serious challenge. Many students are betting on the freshman 15 or more, and the cafe food is at least partly to blame. There are many unhealthy choices in the cafe and this leads to poor nutrition. If you want to improve your diet and lose some weight, here are 5 tips for surviving in the cafeteria:

1. Don’t take a tray

Nutritionists agree that 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day are better for your weight than 1-3 large ones. Grabbing a tray is counterproductive because there is a lot of space on a tray, such as B. a dinner plate, a roll, a dessert plate and drinks. Skip the tray and just grab the plate and cutlery. Fill the plate with a decent lunch or dinner and head to your seat and set it down. You can head back out for your drinks. This is a foolproof way to stick to small meals.

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2. Unlimited Meal Plan

Building on what I mentioned above, you want to be eating several small meals a day as part of a healthy college diet. Make sure you have enough access to stop for at least 3 meals before the cafe closes and maybe even walk through for a snack. It depends on how your school runs its food system, but having only 10 meals a week at the cafe will result in you eating large meals, fast food, or unhealthy snacks between meals.

3. What to eat for breakfast

A healthy college diet must include breakfast. Studies show that people who eat breakfast every day are thinner than people who don’t. Choose a breakfast high in lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.

4. Beverage selection

The cafeteria has many soft drinks containing sugar. Try to avoid these as they add a lot of unwanted calories and processed sugars to your diet. Try to stick to water, milk, and limited amounts of real fruit juice.

5. What to avoid

Some things to avoid as much as possible for a healthy college diet:

  • The Desert Tray and the Desert Freezer
  • bagels
  • French fries
  • The waffle bar
  • The soft serve machine
  • fountain pops
  • donuts
  • desert pastries
  • Sugary granola

Thanks to Scott Kae

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