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Preventive Healthcare: Why It Is Becoming Increasingly Necessary For Corporates?

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The Annual Business Game Plan establishes a straightforward framework that focuses on priorities, tracks progress and manages all facets of the business. Such a proactive culture is the key to success. Our health requires a similar game plan. Various studies have shown that it is possible to prevent disease outbreaks through preventive health measures. Rather than treating a disease, prior diagnosis through preventive testing can save employees in an organization from a great deal of suffering.

Studies have found that employer investments in health and wellness programs ultimately result in a change in employee behavior and attitudes towards the company. Health care in companies therefore pays off in the long term.

Now the question is HOW?

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Happy employees make happy customers!

On June 21st, companies in India turned their lawns and cafeterias into a makeshift YOGA workshop to celebrate International Yoga Day! The day ended well with a variety of healthy activities including free sessions with popular YOGA teachers and the organization of a healthy diet for the staff. With maximum participation, talent engagement teams deserve credit for bringing the health and wellness dimensions of employee life to life. People are health conscious and such initiative pays off. But with the increasing demands of employees, it is also difficult for employers to compete.

Employees feel supported and cared for!

Instead of consoling the gossiping and complaining workforce with unnecessary investments, it’s high time to choose an option that really makes a difference. Group health insurance, accident policies, parental insurance, such competitive benefit packages attract talent, but there are other employer-sponsored benefits that are a benefit in kind but are extremely beneficial. Aflac’s annual employee survey showed that 60% of employees would accept a lower-paying job as long as they received better benefits.

The waves of innovation and technology have kissed the healthcare industry with spurring benefits, ushering in the age of e-medicine. Online healthcare services are ubiquitous and offer various benefits for companies aiming to crack the business model with effective strategies. With the introduction of a digital health domain in the organization, employers can play a proactive role in taking health aspects to the next level. The e-medical service helps the employees to come to the check-up on time and to avoid serious health complications later. The health care measures enhanced with online medical services in the home will never go unnoticed. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Before you become ill, seek medical advice!

A very inexcusable scenario of modern times is premature death from preventable and curable diseases. Routine examinations are therefore a must for everyone. Regular online medical consultation is a practice to assess health status even when we feel fit and well. Employers will go a step further when introducing such practices in the workforce by introducing health benefits that allow employees to feel relaxed at all times. Regular headaches every day after a certain amount of time at work can cause an employee to become anxious about their health. With available, accessible and affordable online health advice, employees can speak or chat with a GP directly from their workplace and reduce anxiety. It’s time to idolize “We care for you,” the universal motto printed on every employee handbook.

How preventive healthcare meets the current occupational health situation before it deteriorates

“Lifestyle disease” is a powerful term associated with declining health among workers in the private sector. We cannot escape the norms of the competitive market, but we can certainly help alleviate the stressors with some effective measures. The preventative healthcare segment with advances in technology has greatly eased the way for companies that have formed alliances with the online medical industry. With online medical care via app or desktop, the organization encourages its employees to create personal health records with renowned doctors. It helps them access quality health services anytime, anywhere.

Health care allows employees to have their minds on the job

Attending an important meeting while leaving a sick child at home is the most chaotic phase in a parent’s life. Apart from requesting a half-day vacation, the online health service allows us to contact an online doctor and talk in detail about the child’s symptoms. Medical advice from a reputable doctor will certainly be beneficial. We can also pick up prescriptions online and do a video consultation at home. As a parent, it is extremely important to closely monitor the health care of the children. Our office work should not delay the necessary and preventive health measures for our children. With online healthcare, hassles and delays in doctor appointments are eliminated, allowing patients to be treated at the earliest.

Helps to be a considerate employer

Employers have a duty of care towards traveling workers. The effects of the change on the employee in a variety of ways should be compensated for by the employer in a well-considered manner. In addition to the monetary advantages, the care factors play a decisive role. The health of the employees is of paramount importance and the employer should support the individual with an online doctor service installed in mobile apps. This will help employees access doctors from anywhere, anytime. Digital health care is an effective and fast medical advice system that can provide help anywhere and anytime. The organization is further commended for extending its support to employees’ families by giving them access to online medical facilities at any time. The Care-o-Meter is sure to keep the employee happy and relaxed.

Work ethic matters! When employees are healthy, they are happier, and a happy employee is the most productive. When employees understand that their company cares about their well-being and health, it creates loyalty and trust. So the benefit is mutual. As the company invests in health apps and virtual family doctor services for employees, these connected employees will provide them with significant job performance improvements.

On-demand access to healthcare 12 hours a day keeps employees relaxed at work, improving alertness.

Helps with reputation management

An organization, whether product or service based, is more concerned with its global reputation, not only as a provider but also as an employer. Companies are often judged on their workplace and people management culture. Wellness programs are therefore a definite practice that keeps the banner intact. The quarterly health camps have met with devastating reactions from employees who believe it’s easier to see a doctor on the job rather than to a pre-arranged appointment. With these scenarios in mind, the online healthcare industries have expanded their reach among companies to build alliances and act as a preventive healthcare system within the organization.

Reduces absenteeism

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) report on preventive healthcare and its impact on the business sector states that “One rupee spent on prevention saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs “. Increasing productivity through maximum attendance is one of the greatest benefits of Online Doctor services.

Health care as tailor-made packages

The exclusive doctor’s consultation hour is another top feature of the digital healthcare system. Expectant women can always discuss their health issues with certified doctors available online via chat or call. Today, corporate affiliations with online health industries that require employee health checks and such practices encourage a stronger bond between workers and employers that will bear fruit.

Strict confidentiality regarding employee health records or consultations is highly assured.

Health care is a way for companies to contribute to the well-being of their employees and their families. It is also an awareness and education program that is much needed in today’s fast-paced life, thus restoring the much-needed healthy balance for a happy and productive work life.

Thanks to Kiran Kumar Kadiyam

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